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Architecture Model Sketching

The following 6 steps of the process introduction will give you an idea of each stage of design and construction.


1   Consultation

After receiving your contact information, we will contact you to arrange an interview or site visit to targeting the needs of the homeowner. And the company's service processes, fees, complete and detailed instructions.

2   Design Planning

We will start the project layout planning. After confirming the design direction & concept, we will proceed to sign the design contract.

3   Cost Estimation

Alternatively, we will present an estimation pricing based on the  proposed project design layout design. 

4   Design Process & Implementation

Next, we will proceed to 3D production, with the 3D modularization of the overall design scheme & concept. Site implementation will be commenced accordingly.

5   Soft Finishing & Deco

Soft finishing solutions for furniture, home decorations, curtains, etc.

Propose professional DECO plans and quotations when necessary.

6   Acceptance & Handover 

A final site inspection to confirm the order details and handover the property

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